Sunday, October 27, 2013

that person

 A is happy , so happy he want to tell everyone . B is unhappy . so unhappy he just sit silently . although B is happy with A's achievement , he just cant play around , he is sad , A becomes insensitive , tells everyone about his achievement . surely his achievement is a good thing but bro , where is your sensitivity ?

   C wants people to listen to her , but why on earth she doesnt want to listen to others . why she always think that she is the one who always right ? every human makes mistake , how on earth you can even think you are right when you just dont ?

*if you cant understand what i mean .

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i tried

i tried my best to make people around me to feel comfortable . i tried my best to avoid awkward moment . i tried my best to control my face expression , to control my reaction so that you wouldnt get annoyed , so that  you wont get mad . but do you know that im only human , i have feeling , even if some people say not to make a limit in your life , but isnt it hard to do ? i do have limit . you nearly reach the limit , or should i say you're dangerous to me ? i cant hold my anger towards you anymore. i am so tired , just doing this shit makes me tired and if you considered me as your friend , please help me . i just hate this feeling

Friday, October 11, 2013


Trust is a very BIG and DEEP word . dont you think so ? haha .

for example , when i said i believe in you , it means that i trusted you .
so , i expected you to keep your words , telling the truth .

why , there is always these group of people , 
who take things for granted . 
do not take the meaning of trust seriously .
or maybe i am the one who take things seriously ?

the thing is , i dont really want to trust people easily , 
but just when i do trust you , why you betrayed me ?

a big question mark , why ?